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Invitation to the 36th EBSSRS symposium, and the 1st inter-conference symposium of the ESA RN ‘Ageing in Europe’, on


Values and Norms in Ageing

October 20 – October 22, Galway, Ireland


The European Behavioural and Social Science Research Section of the IAG (International Association of Gerontology) is holding its 36th international symposium in co-operation with the Research Network on Ageing in Europe of the ESA (European Sociological Association) and the Galway Wisdom Project.

Theme: The focus of the 2006 symposium will be on Values and Norms in Ageing. We shall address, among others, questions of value continuity and transfer in ageing societies, impacts of values and norms inherent in different welfare-state arrangements on the experience of ageing, expectations of older people´s normative contributions to society, and the relevance of spiritual dimensions and changes in religiosity developed over the life course.

Format: The symposium will take place over two and a half days. Participant numbers are not intended to exceed 60. Participants are cordially invited but not required to present their own papers. Invited speakers (Professors Peter Coleman, Michele Dillon, Haim Hazan and Monika Wohlrab-Sahr) will offer plenary presentations; submitted papers will be presented in group sessions.

The Deadline for abstracts is April 25th 2006.
The registration fee will be € 140 (early registration fee - before 31 May: € 120).

Venue: The symposium will take place at the National University of Galway, Ireland.
To guarantee your presence we advise you to book flights and accommodation early (see the following pages for details)

Organizers: Ricca Edmondson (National University of Ireland, Galway; Ricca.Edmondson@nuigalway.ie); Hans-Joachim von Kondratowitz (DZA Berlin; Chairman EBSSRS; kondrato@dza.de).


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EBSSRS 2006 - joint symposium of EBSSRS and the ESA RN ‘Ageing in Europe’